Air travel is supposed to be one of the most stressful times we will spend on our vacations or business trips. Unless you are in first class or own a plane, preferably a jet. While lamenting the fact that I no longer fly first class (mostly because I’m no longer married to a frequent flyer) and somewhat because after having flown first class to Vegas, San Fran (returning to the east coast from S.F. was the best, a nonstop 3 + hour flight in the lap of luxury. I nearly had to be pried from my recliner while pleading with them to just let me continue on to Germany and back, PLEASE!!) Portland Or. , L.A. New Orleans, Phoenix, Denver, etc. etc. other than Jackson Hole, Wyoming (boyhood thing) or a European “river cruise” (only if I can fly to Europe first class) I really don’t wish to go anywhere any more. In case I haven’t mentioned it, I’ve spent nearly 40 years in the Food & Beverage industry (a field of employ I wouldn’t recommend to anyone) which means I’ve had dozens of people (often hundreds) up my ass every working day. Consequently, I crave peace and quiet on nonworking days more and more as time goes by and spending any of that time travelling is way down on my list. A good book, soft music, a good old movie, watching or playing (with company of my choosing) golf ( I know, boring) and of course, writing is (mostly) all the remedies I need. An occasional alcoholic beverage or two helps.

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