All in The Family:

No, not as in the (not so funny if you watch it now) 1970’s sitcom, as in my family and our very own 1960’s and 70’s sitcom, sort-of.

Dad: born during the great depression, had to walk 5 miles to school, in the snow, uphill, both ways. Served in the Marines during the Korean War, rose to the rank of Sargent, never saw action for which he was eternally grateful. School teacher and a good one, until he decided alcohol was more important than anything else. But that was later.

Mom: besides being a sketchy cook and easily influenced by (TV) Dr. Marcus Welby (whenever mom watched the show, she’d develop whatever symptoms that weeks patient had and be coughing, weezing, and usually dying by the end of the show, only to recover during the closing credits) mom was by far the nicest person I ever knew. Maybe it was that she also grew up very poor during the depression, or perhaps it was the stint she spent in the State Hospital. She “lost her mind” after my older brother developed Colic and cried for two years straight, then I was born (coincidence?) and mom started watching TV without the benefit of anything on the screen because she hadn’t turned it on and dad had no choice but to seek professional help, including shock treatment. Mom was finally let out when she told one of the Dr’s “you have to get me out of here or I’m going to go crazy” thus proving that she was sane.

Sis: the oldest and tallest of my siblings, sis was (and is) a free spirit, growing up during the 60’s, the Beatles, Vietnam, sit-ins, pot, hippies, yippies. Very social, many friends, one of whom’s sister was my first crush but that’s a different story. She was directly responsible for my 20 year (on and off) viewership of “Another world”. One summer, in the days before VCR’s (and whatever there is now that I’ve never used) Sis asked me to watch her favorite Soap for one week because she had to work days instead of nights. I obliged and wound up tuning in to Mac & Rachel, along with assorted heroes and villains for the next 20 years. Until the producers fingered Peter Love as the “Sin stalker” then changed their minds, introducing a whole new character to fit the bill. I never watched the show again and it went off the air a couple of years later. Rightfully so.

My two brothers (one older, one younger) will have to wait till tomorrow…see you then !!

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